Lots O Bagels: Astoria, Queens

For those of you that enjoy the simple things in life, they also offer fresh squeezed orange juice! Their menu also delivers deli sandwiches, Boars Head meats, paninis, and even cheeseburgers!

Lots O Bagels, thank you for being there in times of need when it is too cold to go out, and you always deliver in a timely manner with nothing ever forgotten, and coffee wrapped ever-so-safely. You are ashley’s bagel blog approved, and officially an Astoria favorite. Keep it real. ❤

Ashley’s favorites:

egg bagel w/plain cream cheese

two eggs and cheese on an egg bagel

peach snapple

apple turnover


Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company: Astoria, Queens

3614 30th Ave
Astoria, NY
(718) 777-1121

Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company have three locations: two in Astoria, and one in Chelsea. This review is based on the Astoria 30th Ave location. This place is always bumping – I have yet to come in one morning where the line isn’t to the door. Always a good sign, right? 😉

Bagels: So one thing Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee pride themselves on is water boiling their bagels. Can we all say, “YASSS”? As one can tell by the pictures, their bagels have that nice crispy shell on the outside, while the insides are soft. Their bagels are also pretty huge – big and thick, as a good NY bagel should be. I ordered an egg bagel, and the man behind the counter asked if this small bagel was okay. I couldn’t help but laugh, considering even their “small” bagels are on the average bagel shop size. Honestly, the pictures don’t do justice for how fat their bagels are. I can only finish half every time! My boyfriend got a poppyseed bagel, to which he notes that their bagels have the most poppies compared to other shops we go to, which for him is a plus. The poppies cover the whole bagel, not just the top!

As for their cream cheese, their spreads can get on the chunky side. However, it is not the worst, and I sometimes ask them not to take from the top where the chunks are thrown on (which I know makes me look insane and picky). I just can’t understand why places garnish the tops of their spreads so heavily (e.g. veggie, scallion, etc.). One last note: this place is where to go if you’re into those fancy, obscure spreads; I noticed today they have spicy chipotle?!

Egg bagel w/low fat veggie cream cheese
Poppy seed bagel w/plain cream cheese

Beverages: Today I got my standard snapple. A lot of people love their coffee (hence the name), but I will not pretend I am some big coffee connoisseur and talk about different roasts. I will note, my boyfriend can be picky with his coffee (not TOO much cream or feel wrath), and this place manages to get the proportions perfectly. Another plus, they have FRESH SQUEEZED ORANGE JUICE!

Chocolate chip muffin

Sweets: I went for the chocolate chip muffin, and I am glad I did! I love a place that makes a muffin in which the toppings are not just on the top of the muffin, but are also baked into the stump. Their muffins also have that nice crispy shell on top, while the insides are soft and in this case, gooey. Mmm mufffiiinnn.

Some other important notes: They deliver, though there is a minimum, AND they cater! They also offer a ton of other items, such as fresh made omelettes, soups, sandwiches, pasta salad, etc. Additionally, they have late hours, staying open ’til 6:30 (hours vary by location). This place definitely makes the favorite! list – there’s no skimping here. 🙂

Ashley’s favorites:

egg bagel w/low fat veggie cream cheese
fresh orange juice
chocolate chip muffin