Bagels on the Ave: Astoria, Queens

3315 30th Ave
Astoria,NY 11103
(718) 885-4154

Bagels on the Ave was one of the first bagel spots we checked out upon moving to Astoria. I remember thinking, “YES, ALL of the bagels will be delicious! We’re in the city, and there can’t possibly be any disappointments!” Well, I kind of regret that statement (SORRY NYC!), as my favorite bagel joints tend to be the hole-in-the-wall spots of Long Island. I really did like this spot in the beginning, but as we would continue to order from here, I just kept getting more bummed out about them. I would root for it, as it was so close, but even my less-picky boyfriend didn’t want to continue ordering from here anymore.

Anywho, here is my low-down on this spot:

Bagels: Honestly, they taste a bit stale. I used to argue it as a good thing: OH, they’re slightly crispy/hard on the outside, and somewhat softer on the inside! But, no. They just taste slightly stale. At least they’re not doughy?

Cream cheese: On the bright side, their cream cheese is actually pretty good. On this particular occasion, I decided to try something outside of my typical veggie cream cheese: bacon and scallion! Sounds gourmet, right?  While nothing with bacon can be truly bad, upon opening my bagel, this particular cream cheese was a bit lackluster. Where are the scallions???

Egg bagel w/bacon & scallion cream cheese

Pastries:  We decided to split a blueberry muffin. From the outside, the muffin looked pretty legit. The top looked like a crumb cake adorned with blueberries, and we were excited to split it open, toast it, and butter it up. Well…


Clearly, the muffin left something to be desire. Sigh.

Overall, Bagels on the Ave is not the WORST bagel joint in the Astoria area. However, there are better options out there nearby (unfortunately, usually with lines to the door. I’m looking at you Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee co.). If there’s no other options at the time, I would swing by this place. Just don’t have super high expectations. But personally, I would give this a NOT!