JeJoJo Bagels: Centereach, NY (Long Island)

Centereach Mall, 207 Centereach Mall
Centereach, NY 11720
(631) 585-6178

Another staple from my hometown – JeJoJo’s. This bagel shop is one I would go to often during high school. My friends and I would hang out here until close after school, which I now realize was extremely nice of them. Unfortunately, their bagel quality seems to flip flop.

Bagels: I’m not sure if they are water boiled. I remember their quality being decent in high school, and then a few years later, they were extremely doughy. Overall, the bagels here seem to flip flop, which for myself turns me away. I’ve had them toasted, but they don’t compare to Poppy Seeds‘ toasted bagels. As for the cream cheese, I remember it being sub par.

Pastries: During the long after school session, I would often get a brownie for a dessert. If they are the same quality as I remember, their brownie with chocolate frosting was delicious! It is somewhat rich, for those that don’t like super sweet treats, but it was also moist, which I prefer.

Beverages: I never had their own brewed stuff, but they do have your standard snapple/juice/nestle quick stuff.

All in all, this place isn’t on my radar of a go-to bagel shop for a satisfying NY bagel. Some locals love it, but I would take Poppy Seeds over JeJoJo’s if I had to choose between them, as both are within the same radius in this area. However, next time I am in town, I will give an update.


Poppy Seeds: Centereach, NY (Long Island)

1941 Middle Country Rd
Centereach, NY 11720
(631) 467-1771

So for my first post, I’ve decided to backtrack to a favorite spot from my hometown: Poppy Seeds Bagels. When I say favorite, I don’t just mean mine (I’m not going to lie in my first post, there are far better spots out there that I will get to), but in the hamlet of Centereach, this is definitely a favorite amongst locals.

First and foremost, this place is CASH ONLY, which in today’s society can be an inconvenience at times.

Bagels: These are NOT water boiled, and the bagels have that yellow cornmeal on the bottom of it. They are squishy, which sucks entirely if they aren’t toasted. That being said, whenever I would frequent this spot, I would always get my bagel toasted. For some reason… these bagels are REALLY GOOD when toasted with cream cheese. Not that Thomas’ or Dunkin Donuts toasted bagel crap; I mean yummy, warm and crispy toasted bagels with the cream cheese oozing out the sides, tempting one to lick their fingers clean.

Oh, and for those that enjoy vegetable cream cheese (it’s my go-to if done right), their vegetable cream cheese is perfection. I loathe when places do not have finely chopped veggies in their spread, leaving you to ask, “Can I have some cream cheese with my vegetables?” If I wanted a salad, I’d order one! That’s not the case with this place. Their cream cheese is on point!

Beverages: I would always get their iced tea. Oh my GOD their sweetened iced tea is the most refreshing. While Poppy Seeds may have a thumbs down for not water boiling their bagels, they get “two enthusiastic thumbs up” for their iced tea. I have yet to find as good sweetened iced tea since moving away from Centereach. Le sigh.

Breakfast sandwiches: When I didn’t get a bagel from here, I would get the other NY classic: an egg and cheese! Their egg and cheese on a roll (bacon, egg and cheese for the bacon lovers out there) are to die for. Their kaiser rolls are delicious and firm – never soggy which is always a disappointment at other delis. There’s a reason why there are lines almost to the door waiting for their hot delicacies.

Ashley’s favorites:

egg bagel toasted w/veggie cream cheese

egg and cheese on a roll w/salt, pepper, ketchup

iced tea